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Preparing for Professional Movers

Preparing for Professional Movers

Preparation is key to ensuring your move won’t take longer or be more stressful than it need be. Here are a few tips to get the best out of your experience with the pros.

Remember that there are items many moving companies, including Pacific Moving Company, won’t transport, such as household chemicals, paints and liquids. They may also have a list of things they won’t move for liability reasons, like cash, important papers, photographs, pets, food and medicine. If you plan on bringing these items with you, you’ll have to pack them up and transport them yourself.

Before your moving day, determine whether you or the movers will be responsible for packing and unpacking your belongings. If you’re doing the packing, make sure you use plenty of newspaper, bubble wrap or blankets for padding. This is important because if what you pack breaks during transport, the movers may not be held liable for it. Be sure to have enough boxes on hand and label them with your name, room destination and contents so it’s easier to keep track of where it all needs to go in your new space.

Once everything’s packed, try to sort the boxes by weight to make loading easier for the movers. Keep piles of boxes away from the doorways to improve accessibility. Avoid piling stuff on any furniture that needs to be loaded into the van first.

Whether or not you choose to use the moving company’s insurance services, make sure your belongings are financially protected, because mishaps do occur. Moving companies offer different types of insurance coverage. Two popular options are by the pound, and comprehensive. Insurance by the pound is cheaper, but it doesn’t cover much. For example, if your antique table gets scratched during the move and needs to be repaired, this type of coverage will only pay a certain amount depending on how much the table weighs. It may not cover all — or even most of — the repair bill. Comprehensive coverage is more expensive, but it will cover all damages and losses.

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