Why Us?

The Pacific Moving Company Difference

Any moving company has trucks, packing equipment, and experience. The difference between all moving companies comes down to the ability of a company to discern which people have the ability to put themselves in the customer’s place — who are able to fully appreciate that each customer expects that all of their belongings will be treated with care.

Of course, we also make sure our people have physical strength, along with the ability to innovate ways to make each situation work. No two moves are the same, and with dozens of objects of all shapes and sizes, a certain amount of improvisational ability is valuable.

Rest assured, our employees are thoroughly screened before being hired. In fact we’re the one of the few moving companies that conducts criminal background checks and has random drug screenings on all employees.

We believe in providing you with the best moving experience possible, which is why all Pacific Moving Company moving and packing services have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Incentive Programs

Like any great business, we offer compelling incentive programs to ensure that everyone at Pacific Moving Company places the highest emphasis on what our clients value most. Employees are incentivized through wage increases when successful moves result in no damaged items and excellent customer service ratings.

Fixed Pricing — No Hidden or Extra fees

We offer fixed pricing and guarantee no hidden fees or unexplained charges. Pacific Moving Company will never weigh a loaded truck and charge clients for an underestimated weight, a shady and surprisingly not uncommon practice in our industry.

Same movers at both ends

We only hire licensed, trained and insured guys to load and transport your furniture, and never hire temporary workers. Obviously, there’s a big advantage to having the same guys who learned how to handle and move your belongings at point A to be handling your belongings again at point B.

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